VIMY HR Consulting Services

We provide small to medium sized businesses sound, cost-effective human resources solutions. Our services include strategic recruitment, full cycle recruitment support, training facilitation, performance management, leadership coaching, change management and, development of corporate policies and procedures to align with the culture, growth and goals of the organization. We also offer monthly HR support options for growing companies requiring consistent HR advice and support.

In short, we are experts in maximizing your people potential to increase company performance and profits!


The right hire will service the same purpose as your organization. We learn about your business strategy, vision, values, and culture to find and hire the right people and work with you to get the very best out of them.


Optimal performance must be clearly defined, measured, and articulated to be executed. We help you clearly define performance, determine how to measure it, and decide on the appropriate rewards and consequences for particular levels of performance.


Profit is an outcome of hiring great people and correctly managing performance. We help you improve productivity by putting effective policies, procedures and leadership education in place that will grow your business.

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